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Precast Concrete

Creating Revolutionary Concrete Technologies

NextGen Precast - innovation is at our core

NextGen Precast was founded with one goal; to revolutionise the way precast concrete is manufactured, transported and installed. 


With extensive experience in the design, manufacture and implementation of prefabricated precast elements, combined with partnerships with leading research institutions, NextGen is creating a revolutionary ecosystem of precast concrete fabrication and implementation of modular prefabricated design and construction using ultra-low emission production processes and materials. 

With sustainability at the forefront of everything we do, NextGen has embarked on a pioneering journey to combine production and design efficiency all the while creating ecofriendly products that will benefit our world for generations to come. 


Innovative Concrete Mixes

NextGen Precast develops innovative concrete mixes in conjunction with our research and development partners to bring cutting edge materials to the concrete manufacturing industry. Our mixes incorporate materials that are stronger, lighter, faster and more ecologically friendly than conventional concrete mixes currently employed throughout the world. 


NextGen Precast designs and implements some of the most advanced and unconventional precast concrete production techniques in the world. The NextGen system allows production efficiencies that are unrivalled in the Australian market, both spatially and economically. 



206/87 Gladstone Street, South Melbourne VIC, Australia


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